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Definition of "thorium" [tho•ri•um]

  • A radioactive silvery-white metallic element that is recovered commercially from monazite. Its longest-lived isotope, the only one that occurs naturally, is Th 232 with a half-life of 1.41 × 1010 years. It is used in magnesium alloys, and isotope 232 is a source of nuclear energy. Atomic number 90; atomic weight 232.038; approximate melting point 1,750°C; approximate boiling point 4,500°C; approximate specific gravity 11.7; valence 4. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "thorium" in a sentence
  • "These are mostly mined for the rare earths; the thorium is a low-value waste product."
  • "I've read the Los Alamos reports, but I'd like to know if, since then anyone has said the thorium is more concentrated than being a constituent of KREEP overturned at basin rim structures."
  • "Nuclear fuel, ie uranium and potentially thorium, is incredibly abundant and currently inexpensive."