Definition of "thong" []

  • A narrow strip, as of leather, used for binding or lashing. (noun)
  • A whip of plaited leather or cord. (noun)
  • A sandal held on the foot by a strip that fits between the first and second toes and is connected to a strap usually passing over the top or around the sides of the foot. (noun)
  • A garment for the lower body that exposes the buttocks, consisting of a narrow strip of fabric that passes between the thighs supported by a waistband. (noun)
  • A thin strip of leather or other material, such as one used for lashing things together (noun)

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  • A whip or whiplash, esp one made of leather (noun)
  • A skimpy article of beachwear, worn by men or women, consisting of thin strips of leather or cloth attached to a piece of material that covers the genitals while leaving the buttocks bare (noun)
  • A similar item of underwear (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "thong" in a sentence
  • "At the very least you'll know what the rally thong is all about."
  • "The thong is imprinted with yellow comedy and tragedy masks and the words “The Original Mardi Gras” (because Alabamians think their celebrations preceded those in Louisiana)."
  • "Maybe the fact that the frag-thong is standard equipment for Badoon hordes has something to do with it."