Definition of "thither" []

  • To or toward that place; in that direction; there: running hither and thither. (adverb)
  • Located or being on the more distant side; farther: the thither side of the pond. (adjective)
  • To or towards that place; in that direction (adverb)

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Use "thither" in a sentence
  • "On the train thither and yon I read THE ETERNAL ROSE, which waaaaaaaaugh! wonderful! loved it! so happy to read it! yay!"
  • "Replied the Shaykh, “I hear and obey the bidding of the Commander of the Faithful; but know, O Emir, that the road thither is long and difficult and the ways few.”"
  • "And bicause the moonkes of S. Augustine might not celebrate diuine seruice, she called thither commonlie the moonks of Christes church to say seruice before hir."