Definition of "theurgist" []

  • The intervention of a divine or supernatural agency in the affairs of man (noun)
  • The working of miracles by such intervention (noun)
  • Beneficent magic as taught and performed by Egyptian Neoplatonists and others (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "theurgist" in a sentence
  • "A whisper that seemed to originate in the empty corridor asked, "Are you the theurgist?""
  • "Of course, the ship had had another magician aboard all along; the white-robed woman who had stood beside the captain when Tobas first came aboard was a priestess, an expert theurgist, Tobas had learned, and was the magician charged with defending the vessel against pirates or other perils."
  • "Naturally, no theurgist wanted anything to do with a demonologist."
  • "No one else seemed to know the warlock any better than Tobas did; even Captain Istram, who treated the theurgist as just another crewmember, seemed slightly wary of him."
  • "The sorcerer spoke no Ethsharitic; the theurgist knew only a few words and phrases, most of them religious in nature, and seemed to be generally suspicious of everything about Tobas."