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Definition of "thereout" [there•out]

  • Out of it, out from it. (adverb)
  • Outside; outdoors (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "thereout" in a sentence
  • "The girl took the bag from him and opening it shook it, whereupon there fell thereout two-and-thirty pieces of wood, which she fitted one into other, male into female and female into male428 till they became a polished lute of Indian workmanship."
  • "Presently, one of her maids brought her a silken bag, which she opened and taking thereout a lute, laid it in her lap and smote its strings, whereat it complained as child complaineth to mother, and she sang these two couplets,"
  • "Whereupon asked she, O my son, the saddle bags are small and moreover they were empty; yet hast thou taken thereout all these dishes."