Definition of "thereinto" [there•in•to]

  • Into that place, state etc. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "thereinto" in a sentence
  • "¬†Alas for Satan, I keep no ordinary water in my watering can, but Holy Water I had put thereinto, for it can never be guessed at which times the Devil may send his minions to undo you."
  • "And she set forth her needlework before her and did thereinto many deeds and great, and fair plays after the fashion of those days, swords and byrnies, and all the gear of kings, and the ship of King Sigmund sailing along the land; yea, and they wrought there how they fought, Sigar and Siggeir, south in Fion."
  • "So saying, she signed with her hand to the earth, which opened and she descended thereinto: then it closed up again over her and by this I knew that she was of the Jinn."