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Definition of "theogony" [the•og•o•ny]

  • An account of the origin and genealogy of the gods. (noun)

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Use "theogony" in a sentence
  • "Now 'theogony' means 'origin of the divine'; and I use the associated adjective because the Pseudo-Dionysius thought of creation as destined to be 'divinized' through our theosis: a gift from the Father given through the Son and in the Holy Spirit."
  • "I cannot recall the exact source offhand, Sumer I think but compound imagery was the mode of explaining cosmogenesis and theogony in pre-literate and pari-literate times and we find the residue of similar explicatory "myths" in subsequent sets of icons such as Anahita, whose personification of a complete cornucopia is evident in her titulary associations with "water" and all living things."
  • "The Phœnicians had been long a powerful people, having a theogony of their own, before the Hebrews became possessed of a few cantons of land near their territory."