Definition of "theobromine" [the•o•bro•mine]

  • (noun) A bitter, colorless alkaloid, C7H8N4O2, derived from the cacao bean, found in chocolate products and used in medicine as a diuretic, vasodilator, and myocardial stimulant.

Use "theobromine" in a sentence

  • "The biggie that most people have heard about is the caffeine relative called theobromine, which is the one usually shown on "I heart chocolate" tee-shirts, so that's a good place to start, with its trippy endorphins to create a pleasant buzz."
  • "* Chocolate in any form is extremely toxic to man's best friend as it contains a harmful chemical called theobromine, which is fine for humans but is very dangerous for dogs"
  • "Chocolate is the richest known source of a little-known substance called theobromine, a close chemical relative of caffeine."

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