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Definition of "thegither" [thegither]

  • A Scotch form of together.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "thegither" in a sentence
  • ""It's no that a'thegither 'at tribles me, Janet; it's mair' at I'll be expeckit to sing an 'luik pleased-like, an' I div not ken hoo it'll be poassible, an 'you naegait' ithin my sicht or my cry, or the hearin 'o' my ears.""
  • "I kept my senses thegither, whilk has been thought wonderful by all that ever saw the place; and I helped myself with my hands as gallantly as I could, and to the bottom I came."
  • "I doubt not but what you told her Majesty, that I was the same David Deans of whom there was a sport at the Revolution, when I noited thegither the heads of twa false prophets, these ungracious Graces the prelates, as they stood on the Hie Street, after being expelled from the Convention-parliament. 77 77"