Definition of "theatre-going" [theatre-going]

  • (adjective) Alternative form of theatregoing.
  • (noun) Alternative form of theatregoing.

Use "theatre-going" in a sentence

  • "The Crazies is entirely enjoyable and an overall fun theatre-going flick, though there are a couple of pacing issues."
  • "It's a question being raised across the fringe this year as the conventions of theatre-going are put under the microscope: in performances such as the entertaining One Man Show, which at one point asks its audience to cough and eat sweets; and more seriously in White Rabbit Red Rabbit, a slippery play written by the young Iranian playwright, Nassim Soleimanpour, who can't leave Iran."
  • "Irving's adaptation, Orphan knew, had been wildly popular with the theatre-going public - particularly those of a young, mildly radical disposition - but was decried as dangerous nonsense by the palace, though Prime Minister Moriarty himself had so far kept silent on the issue."