Definition of "textus" [textus]

  • The text of any book, especially of the Bible or of a part of it: as, the Textus Receptus (see phrase below). (noun)
  • A book containing the liturgical gospels. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "textus" in a sentence
  • "King means the warp threads of a web, and its application to literary compositions rests on the same metaphor as the Latin word textus, and the Sanskrit Sûtra, meaning a yarn, and a book."
  • "Hence this Elzevir text became known as the textus receptus, or the Received Text."
  • "Indeed, the 16th and 17th centuries saw the production of various early critical editions of Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, working with the best available evidence, attempting to resolve various issues of textual variation, even when working within the tradition of the so-called textus receptus."