Definition of "testaceous" [tes•ta•ceous]

  • (adjective) Biology Having a hard shell or shell-like outer covering: testaceous echinoderms.
  • (adjective) Biology Composed of a shell or shell-like material: a testaceous operculum.
  • (adjective) Having the reddish-brown or brownish-yellow hue of bricks.

Use "testaceous" in a sentence

  • "From IV 2-10 he discusses the parts, both internal and external, of the ˜bloodless™ animals, i.e. the crustaceans, testaceous mollusks, cephalopods and insects."
  • "The foregoing remarks appear to apply to the case of the Mollusca, which, at a very early period, had reached a high organization and a great development of forms and species in the testaceous Cephalopoda."
  • "Crabs also slough off their old-age; this is generally allowed with regard to the soft-shelled crabs, and it is said to be the case with the testaceous kind, as for instance with the large ‘granny’ crab."

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