Definition of "terrestial" [terrestial]

  • (adjective) Common misspelling of terrestrial.

Use "terrestial" in a sentence

  • "In many city areas thought the signal is sent as satellite and terrestial … many times the terrestial is the stronger of the two … however, I do loose it sometimes for a second, much like driving under a bridge. but it works 99% …. .anyway, getting back to the original question …."
  • "They journeyed together and in friendship southward, down the coast, quite to the volcanoes of Guatemala, thence to Tamoanchan, which is described as the terrestial [TN-1] paradise, and afterwards, some of them at least, northward and eastward, toward the shores of the Gulf."
  • "I think sometimes you have to "buck to hatch" and go with a larger "terrestial" to "get their attention"."

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