Definition of "terminist" []

  • One who supports the doctrine of terminism. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "terminist" in a sentence
  • "The anonymous Dialectica Monacensis (ca. 1200) is one of the numerous works representing the new terminist approach to logic and can be used as an example of how modalities were treated in it."
  • "His most famous work is the Summulae de dialectica (Compendium of Dialectic), a text of astonishing breadth and originality aimed at redeeming the older tradition of Aristotelian logic using the newer, terminist logic of"
  • "What united Ockham and his terminist predecessors was their realization that if the proposition ˜Man is a species™ is to be true, then the term ˜man™ cannot supposit personally for any of the individual men it ultimately signifies, since it cannot be said of any of them that he is a species (Socrates is a man, not a species)."