Definition of "tercio" []

  • A regiment of Spanish or Italian infantry (noun)
  • One of three periods of a bullfight (noun)
  • One of three circles into which a bullring is segmented (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tercio" in a sentence
  • "The tercio dependant care maniple will look after your children, at a Legion facility or private home, for all the time you are training."
  • "Everyone knows how they failed to do so, how Lourdes Carrera escaped from captivity, got some help, then fought her way to a TV studio to rally the tercio of Volgans to save her husband..."
  • "Once, for example, they showed a movie, entitled Kirti, dubbed into Spanish, about a tercio of Hindu soldiers in the Federated States Army during their Formation War."