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Definition of "ter" []

  • An abbreviation of terrace
  • Of territory.
  • Thrice: used in music to indicate that a measure or phrase to which it is attached is to be repeated three times in succession.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ter" in a sentence
  • "An 'I been surveyin' de lan'scape o'er tryin 'ter think about eve'ything I can do _ter start right_."
  • "Lull; new voice, young girl's, "I'm goin 'ter tyke my mother's part;" dialogue, repeated about five times, "I'll do as I like, blankety, blank, blank!""
  • "We do maintain some of the quirky British pronunciations, such as Glocester and Worcester (should be "WUSS-ter", is actually pronounced "WUSS-tah" with the Boston accent, and is definitely NOT "Worr-chest-er" as everyone from outside New England says it!)"