Definition of "teocalli" [te•o•cal•li]

  • (noun) A temple of ancient Mexico, usually built on a pyramidal mound.
  • (noun) The mound on which such a temple was built.

Use "teocalli" in a sentence

  • "This festival was the most important in Mexico, and took place at the temple or "teocalli," a gigantic, pyramid-like mass of stone, rising in terraces to a height of eighty-six feet above the city, and culminating in a small summit platform upon which the long procession of priests and victims could be seen from all parts of the city."
  • "And when we reach the sea we encounter at Suku, in Java, a teocalli which is absolutely identical with that of Tehuantepec."
  • "Able, ruthless and bloodthirsty, Ahuitzotl doubled the size of the Aztec empire and is once said to have ritually slaughtered twenty thousand prisoners at a reconstructed teocalli, or sacrificial "god house.""

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