Definition of "tentorium" [ten•to•ri•um]

  • (noun) The framework of internal supports (a false endoskeleton) within an arthropod head, formed by ingrowths of the exoskeleton called apophyses.
  • (noun) The tentorium cerebelli.

Use "tentorium" in a sentence

  • "For there is a very marked groove in every such skull, as in the human skull -- which indicates the line of attachment of what is termed the 'tentorium' -- a sort of parchment-like shelf, or partition, which, in the recent state, is interposed between the cerebrum and cerebellum, and prevents the former from pressing upon the latter."
  • "He said there was blood both above and below a part of the brain known as the tentorium, meaning that structure had to be injured, which is characteristic of birth trauma."
  • "The occipital lobe is positioned on a process of the dura mater, known as the tentorium cerebelli, which divides the cerebrum from the cerebellum."

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