Definition of "tensity" [ten•si•ty]

  • (noun) The state of being tense; tenseness.

Use "tensity" in a sentence

  • "GENTRY this Tea is much admired as a fashionable BREAKFAST; being pleasant to the taste and smell, gently astringing the fibres of the stomach, and giving them that proper tensity, which is requisite to a good digestion; and nothing can be better adapted to help and nourish the Constitution after late hours, or making too free with wine."
  • "Alma was there, of course, in a beautiful fox scarf, also gift of the groom, and locked in a white kind of tensity that made her seem more than ever like a little white flower to Leo Friedlander, the sole other attendant, and who during the ceremony yearned at her with his gaze."
  • "He sat up suddenly, his muscular tensity increasing the hurt of the scurvy."

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