Definition of "tenant" []

  • One that pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another. (noun)
  • A dweller in a place; an occupant. (noun)
  • Law One who holds or possesses lands, tenements, or sometimes personal property by any kind of title. (noun)
  • To hold as a tenant or be a tenant. (verb-transitive)
  • A person who holds, occupies, or possesses land or property by any kind of right or title, esp from a landlord under a lease (noun)

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  • A person who has the use of a house, flat, etc, subject to the payment of rent (noun)
  • Any holder or occupant (noun)
  • To hold (land or property) as a tenant (verb)
  • To dwell (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tenant" in a sentence
  • "_In theory_, the tenant in chief could not sell his land; he could sublet it to a _mesne tenant_, who stood to himself precisely in the same relation as he -- the tenant _in capite_ -- stood to the sovereign, the mesne tenant in his turn being bound to render certain _services_ to his over lord, and liable to forfeit his _lease_ -- for in theory it was that -- if certain contingencies happened."
  • "Jnyirwedpe imdi/cendirt defendant pleads to part npft'-temttrt, and fhews who is tenant to the other part; that demandant had entered; and replication to noA-tenare, that the tenant was tenant* &c.; demarrer to the refidoe; judgment for the de - mandant, for that the lad plea was reptignant, and alfo for that the time of thst entry of demandant is not ailedged, |."
  • ""This is a sum of money allowed for College chambers to the former occupier, in consideration of repairs or fitting up, and fur - niture, and is frequently transferred from one tenant to another in succession, a tenant* being answerable to a person so repairing or fitting up at two or three removes. —"