Definition of "telluric" [tel•lu•ric]

  • Of or relating to Earth; terrestrial. (adjective)
  • Derived from or containing tellurium, especially with valence 6. (adjective)

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Use "telluric" in a sentence
  • "We are not, it appears to me, more justified in applying the term telluric to the nickel and iron, the olivine and pyroxene (augite), found in meteoric stones, than in indicating the"
  • "These views must not, therefore, be confounded with what is commonly termed the telluric or atmospheric origin of meteoric stones, nor yet with the singular opinion of Aristotle, which supposed the enormous mass of ®gos"
  • "There some posters on Arrse who would find it difficult to put "telluric" on any form withour committing fraud/perjury/whatever."