Definition of "teletype" [teletype]

  • A teleprinter (noun)
  • A message printed by a teleprinter (noun)
  • Early input/output device for mainframe computer (noun)
  • To operate a teleprinter (verb)
  • To send a message via teleprinter (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "teletype" in a sentence
  • "Maurice Evans and Deputy DA Burl Estes wrote, Pursuant to your request this morning, I had Irene in teletype run a warrant check on Ms. Herdman."
  • "Bolden claimed that in October, 1963, the Chicago Secret Service office received a teletype from the Federal Bureau of Investigation warning that an attempt would be made to kill President John F. Kennedy by a four-man Cuban hit squad when he visited the city on 2nd November."
  • "An FBI teletype from the New Orleans office to FBI headquarters notified Director Hoover that Carlos Marcello's attorney G. Wray Gill had notified Ferrie about the library card."
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