Definition of "telegraphist" [te•leg•ra•phist]

  • (noun) A telegrapher.

Use "telegraphist" in a sentence

  • "He was seven years older than me, a definite and determined leader in the Communist Party back home, and employed here on its behalf in the House of the Comintern, as a kind of telegraphist whose job it was to send the party line home."
  • "As the novel's protagonist, Lillian, meets up with these characters -- a homosexual actor, a black prostitute, an isolated telegraphist in the Yukon, etc. -- the narrative becomes only more labored and the characters themselves only more an obvious effort to compensate for the fact the Lillian is essentially a cipher."
  • "Each machine carried a crew of four, an officer, a sergeant as second pilot, a wireless telegraphist and an air-gunner."

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