Definition of "teenybopper" [teenybopper]

  • (noun) Slang A young teenage girl.
  • (noun) Slang A teenager who follows the latest fad or craze, as in dress or music.

Use "teenybopper" in a sentence

  • "What impresarios look for in teenybopper idols are males who seem younger than they actually are, but they are less likely to grow up to appeal to adult males."
  • "On the "teenybopper" girl -- if being 15-16, and discovering a semi-local band via MTV, and being attracted the sounds, the look, and everything overall -- makes me "just another teen girl", so be it -- what's the differentiation between being a "true music fan" and just happening to be young & female?"
  • "Russell Brand has outraged the tabloids again - this time by saying that "teenybopper" pop stars should be given heroin in the hope that it might "weed out" a lot of those now dominating the pop charts."

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