Definition of "tawing" [tawing]

  • Present participle of taw. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "tawing" in a sentence
  • "Where tannin is not used and only the chemicals are employed, it is called 'tawing' the leather, instead of 'tanning.'""
  • "And this moron realizes that, curiously, global warming is tawing the permafrost, making it disappear in the water of the ocean, the quality of the water of the rivers and the ocean will decrease if drilling is allowed in Alaska?"
  • "A peculiar combination between true tannage and pickling is to be found in the tawing process (tannage with potash, alum, and salt), whereby, firstly, the salt and the acid character of the alum produce a pickling effect, and secondly, the alum at the same time is hydrolysed, and its dissociation components partly adsorbed by the hide, thereby effecting true tannage."
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