Definition of "taoiseach" [taoiseach]

  • (noun) Head of the Irish government, comparable to a UK or Australian Prime Minister.

Use "taoiseach" in a sentence

  • "The taoiseach was the second highest paid leader of the six countries and the top civil servants were also among the highest paid in the eurozone."
  • "Irish writer Kevin O'Connor has written a big screen adaptation of his book How Haughey Spent the Money, which he promises will contain new information about the morally challenged taoiseach."
  • "• An obituary for Garret FitzGerald – Ireland's taoiseach for most of the period from 1981-87 – should have said that it was the Irish republic that US president Ronald Reagan visited in the mid-1980s, not Belfast 20 May, page 38, early editions."

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