Definition of "tankage" [tank•age]

  • The act or process of putting or storing in a tank. (noun)
  • The amount that a tank can hold. (noun)
  • A fee for tank storage. (noun)
  • Animal residues that remain after rendering fat in a slaughterhouse, used for fertilizer or feed. (noun)

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Use "tankage" in a sentence
  • "But then, what we loose on any launch, what with expensive rocket engines and tankage, is just amazing."
  • "On top of this were the rooms where they dried the "tankage," the mass of brown stringy stuff that was left after the waste portions of the carcasses had had the lard and tallow dried out of them."
  • "To this part of the yards came all the "tankage" and the waste products of all sorts; here they dried out the bones, -- and in suffocating cellars where the daylight never came you might see men and women and children bending over whirling machines and sawing bits of bone into all sorts of shapes, breathing their lungs full of the fine dust, and doomed to die, every one of them, within a certain definite time."