Definition of "tank" []

  • A large, often metallic container for holding or storing liquids or gases. (noun)
  • The amount that this container can hold: buy a tank of gas. (noun)
  • A usually artificial pool, pond, reservoir, or cistern, especially one used to hold water for drinking or for irrigation. (noun)
  • An enclosed, heavily armored combat vehicle that is armed with cannon and machine guns and moves on continuous tracks. (noun)
  • A tank top. (noun)
  • A large container or reservoir for the storage of liquids or gases (noun)

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  • An armoured combat vehicle moving on tracks and armed with guns, etc, originally developed in World War I (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A reservoir, lake, or pond (noun)
  • A light-tight container inside which a film can be processed in daylight, the solutions and rinsing waters being poured in and out without light entering (noun)
  • Any large dish or container used for processing a number of strips or sheets of film (noun)
  • A jail (noun)
  • A jail cell (noun)
  • The quantity contained in a tank (noun)
  • A dam formed by excavation (noun)
  • To put or keep in a tank (verb)
  • To move like a tank, esp heavily and rapidly (verb)
  • To defeat heavily (verb)
  • To fail, esp commercially (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tank" in a sentence
  • "The separation of Atlantis from the main tank is AWESOME."
  • "Does this mean wars now have referees who decide whether or not a tank is allowed to go into battle?"
  • "You'll know precisely how full the tank is at all times."