Definition of "tambo" [tambo]

  • (noun) A building along the wayside for the use of travelers, sometimes furnishing bothfood and shelter, but usually only shelter.
  • (noun) Short for tambourine: referring to an end-man in a negro minstrel-show who plays on that instrument.

Use "tambo" in a sentence

  • "To her the bridge was tambo, which is the native for taboo."
  • "At 1 o'clock we reached Machacamarca, another "tambo" or resting-place, and were very disgusted to find that our pack animals, which we had dispatched the day before, had got no farther than this point."
  • "They chanced upon this creature while he was engaged in plundering a field of Indian corn -- quite close to a "tambo," or traveller's shed, where they had put up for the night."

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