Definition of "tamarisk" [tam•a•risk]

  • Any of numerous African and Eurasian shrubs or small trees of the genus Tamarix, having small scalelike leaves and racemes of white, pink, or red flowers. (noun)

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Use "tamarisk" in a sentence
  • "Lord as on another occasion (Nu 11: 31). and in the morning ... a small round thing ... manna -- There is a gum of the same name distilled in this desert region from the tamarisk, which is much prized by the natives, and preserved carefully by those who gather it."
  • "The Colorado River is in extreme stress from an invasive non-native shrub called the tamarisk, which was sourced from the eastern Mediterranean to stabilize erosion of riverbeds."
  • "The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service last week formally ended its program of releasing saltcedar leaf beetles to eat saltcedar, also known as tamarisk, in 13 states:"