Definition of "tally" [tal•ly]

  • A reckoning or score. (noun)
  • A stick on which notches are made to keep a count or score. (noun)
  • A stick on which notches were formerly made to keep a record of amounts paid or owed. (noun)
  • A mark used in recording a number of acts or objects, most often in series of five, consisting of four vertical lines canceled diagonally or horizontally by a fifth line. (noun)
  • A label, ticket, or piece of metal or wood used for identification or classification, especially in gardens and greenhouses. (noun)
  • To correspond one with the other (verb)

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  • To supply with an identifying tag (verb)
  • To keep score (verb)
  • To record or mark (verb)
  • Any record of debit, credit, the score in a game, etc (noun)
  • A ticket, label, or mark, used as a means of identification, classification, etc (noun)
  • A counterpart or duplicate of something, such as the counterfoil of a cheque (noun)
  • A stick used (esp formerly) as a record of the amount of a debt according to the notches cut in it (noun)
  • A notch or mark cut in or made on such a stick (noun)
  • A mark or number of marks used to represent a certain number in counting (noun)
  • The total number of sheep shorn by one shearer in a specified period of time (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tally" in a sentence
  • "The men who measured and kept the tally maintained a constant song or chant, and designated the _tally_, or fifth bushel, by a sort of yell."
  • "I believe, right now, if you only count the books within the event (excluding the preludes) the tally is around 40 books … 38 or so."
  • "Our seedling tally is actually fairly small so far this year, though there are a few plants going into the garden that will be purchased this week!"