Definition of "take flight" [take flight]

  • To fly; to become aloft, to become airborne; to take off (the ground) (verb)
  • To flee (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "take flight" in a sentence
  • "When her companions see that her feather-suit is stolen, they will take flight and leave her to thee, and beware lest thou show thyself to them, but wait till they have flown away and she despaireth of them: whereupon do thou go in to her and hale her by the hair of her head68 and drag her to thee; which being done, she will be at thy mercy."
  • "They start on Monday week, and I shall certainly be very forlorn until the middle of January, when I think I shall take flight sunward myself, and pursue them to Rome."
  • "It gave Mademoiselle Dupuis nearly as much celebrity as her lover attained, for when the end came, she obeyed his desire to play a favorite dance on her harp, to enable his soul to take flight in the midst of its delicious harmony."