Definition of "tagboard" [tagboard]

  • (noun) A small message board on a webpage, usually located in the sidebar, where visitors can leave a name and short message.

Use "tagboard" in a sentence

  • "I tried [div id = "tagboard"], [div], [div id = "tag"] and so on, yadda yadda yadda, until I FINALLY realized that I could put it directly under and PREV and NEXT links ... and it worked!"
  • "Between the layers of apples a colored "tagboard" paper, size 17¼ by 11 or 20 by 9¾, according to the box used, is laid so as to make the layers come out right at the top."
  • "So Kari brought tagboard and markers and a hole-punch and yarn to the rehearsal, and each of the bridesmaids made a sign for her back reading, "This is SOMETHING INTERESTING ..." and then a fun fact about herself or the two of us together."

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