Definition of "tag" []

  • A strip of leather, paper, metal, or plastic attached to something or hung from a wearer's neck to identify, classify, or label: sale tags on all coats and dresses. (noun)
  • The plastic or metal tip at the end of a shoelace. (noun)
  • The contrastingly colored tip of an animal's tail. (noun)
  • Sports A bright piece of feather, floss, or tinsel surrounding the shank of the hook on a fishing fly. (noun)
  • A dirty, matted lock of wool. (noun)
  • A piece or strip of paper, plastic, leather, etc, for attaching to something by one end as a mark or label (noun)

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  • An electronic device worn, usually on the wrist or ankle, by an offender serving a noncustodial sentence, which monitors the offender's whereabouts by means of a link to a central computer through the telephone system (noun)
  • A small piece of material hanging from or loosely attached to a part or piece (noun)
  • A point of metal or other hard substance at the end of a cord, lace, etc, to prevent it from fraying and to facilitate threading (noun)
  • An epithet or verbal appendage, the refrain of a song, the moral of a fable, etc (noun)
  • A brief quotation, esp one in a foreign language (noun)
  • A clause added on to another clause to invite the hearer's agreement or conversational cooperation. Tags are usually in the form of a question with a pronoun as subject, the antecedent of which is the subject of the main clause; as isn't it in the bread is on the table, isn't it? (noun)
  • A linguistic item added on to a sentence but not forming part of it, as John in are you there, John? (noun)
  • An ornamental flourish as at the end of a signature (noun)
  • The contrastingly coloured tip to an animal's tail (noun)
  • A matted lock of wool or hair (noun)
  • A strand of tinsel, wire, etc, tied to the body of an artificial fly (noun)
  • A graffito consisting of a nickname or personal symbol (noun)
  • To mark with a tag (verb)
  • To monitor the whereabouts of (an offender) by means of an electronic tag (verb)
  • To add or append as a tag (verb)
  • To supply (prose or blank verse) with rhymes (verb)
  • To trail (behind) (verb)
  • To name or call (someone something) (verb)
  • To cut the tags of wool or hair from (an animal) (verb)
  • To paint one's tag on (a building, wall, etc) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tag" in a sentence
  • "; '' '% tag%' '': A sanitized version of the tag name (tag slug field on New/Edit Tag panel)."
  • "Matching an XHTML/XML tag (via immike. net) function get_tag ($tag, $xml) {"
  • "Perfect example is when I see templates where the title tag is coded in h2 when h1 would be a little better."