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  • A republic in W Asia, on the Mediterranean: ruled by the Ottoman Turks (1516–1918); made a French mandate in 1920; became independent in 1944; joined Egypt in the United Arab Republic (1958–61). Hafez al-Assad elected president in 1971 following a coup; after his death in 2000 Assad's son Bashar took over the presidency; his rule was challenged (from 2012) by an uprising that led to civil war. Official language: Arabic. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: Syrian pound. Capital: Damascus. Pop: 22 457 336 (2013 est). Area: 185 180 sq km (71 498 sq miles) (noun)
  • (formerly) the region between the Mediterranean, the Euphrates, the Taurus, and the Arabian Desert (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "It seems that no one on any of the major blogs are aware of one simple fact: The Military is preparing to implement Selective Service boards aka “the draft”. this should give you an indication not just of what will happen in syria but how things are REALLY going in Iraq and the Military at large."
  • "#30 Chase don’t forget how many indictments and convictions clinton’s administrationahd during and after his presidency … forget the womanizing … don’t forget that wonderful missle technology he supplied to china which no doubt ended up in syria which ended up with hezbollah"
  • "'Although security may be key issue, Netanyahu could be vulnerable if global economic crisis also batters Israel' syria's double game backfires"