Definition of "sweet" []

  • Having the taste of sugar or a substance containing or resembling sugar, as honey or saccharin. (adjective)
  • Containing or derived from sugar. (adjective)
  • Retaining some natural sugar; not dry: a sweet wine. (adjective)
  • Pleasing to the senses; agreeable: the sweet song of the lark; a sweet face. (adjective)
  • Pleasing to the mind or feelings; gratifying: sweet revenge. (adjective)
  • Having or denoting a pleasant taste like that of sugar (adjective)

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  • Agreeable to the senses or the mind (adjective)
  • Having pleasant manners; gentle (adjective)
  • (of wine, etc) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry (adjective)
  • (of foods) not decaying or rancid (adjective)
  • Not salty (adjective)
  • Free from unpleasant odours (adjective)
  • Containing no corrosive substances (adjective)
  • (of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds (adjective)
  • Sentimental or unrealistic (adjective)
  • Individual; particular (adjective)
  • Performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation (adjective)
  • Satisfactory or in order; all right (adjective)
  • Respected; dear (used in polite forms of address) (adjective)
  • Smooth and precise; perfectly executed (adjective)
  • In a sweet manner (adverb)
  • A sweet taste or smell; sweetness in general (noun)
  • Any of numerous kinds of confectionery consisting wholly or partly of sugar, esp of sugar boiled and crystallized (boiled sweets) (noun)
  • A pudding, fruit, or any sweet dish served as a dessert (noun)
  • Dear; sweetheart (used as a form of address) (noun)
  • Anything that is sweet (noun)
  • A pleasurable experience, state, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "sweet" in a sentence
  • "Rosa, Coretta…I hear you girls singing in the Choir today..sweet sweet music..continuing your work from up there.."
  • "With sweet almonds always use a small portion of bitter; without them, _sweet_ almonds have little or no taste, though they add to the richness of the cake."
  • "I love the decorations, the cute costumes, and all of the sweet treats ... it was definitely a holiday invented for those with a * sweet* tooth (that's totally me!)."