Definition of "swashbuckling" [swashbuckling]

  • Adventurous, exciting. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "swashbuckling" in a sentence
  • "Instead, I pirated books (lawyers and other official-type people take note, by “pirate” I mean I dress up in swashbuckling garb while I read free public-domain titles)."
  • "And, besides, his swashbuckling was a fine thing to see."
  • "Inspired by a few facts from Errol Flynn's life, and rooting her story firmly in Jamaican history, Cezair-Thompson vividly imagines the life of Ida, who is little more than a child herself when she gives birth to her daughter May, the illegitimate child of 1930/40s movie star Errol Flynn - known as a swashbuckling adventurer on screen, and for his glittering parties and affairs off screen."