Definition of "swain" [swain]

  • A country lad, especially a young shepherd. (noun)
  • A beau. (noun)

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Use "swain" in a sentence
  • "'I protest,' cried Sir Sedley to Camilla, tis your favourite swain from the Northwick assembly! wafted on some zephyr of Hope, he has pursued you to Tunbridge."
  • "She was in a bitter state of trepidation, or she would have thought twice before she touched a nerve of the enamoured lady, as she knew she did in calling her swain a poor brute, and did again by pertinaciously pursuing:"
  • "'You lump the gold and make it current coin; -- says the blushing bride, who ought not to have delivered herself so boldly, but she had forgotten her bashful part and spoilt the scene, though, luckily for the damsel, her swain was a lover of nature, and finding her at full charge, named the very next day of the year, and held her to it, like the complimentary tyrant he was.'"