Definition of "suspenders" [suspenders]

  • (noun) A pair of straps crossing one's shoulders and extending down to one's trousers, where a clip or button arrangement allows them to affix to the trousers, ensuring that they will not fall off. (UK) Braces.
  • (noun) Small straps, attached to a suspender belt, that hold up a woman's stockings. (US) Garters.

Use "suspenders" in a sentence

  • "Just seeing Tyson in those little shorts and suspenders is worth the watch."
  • "The fellow paying a Kugelesque $70 to learn how to use an antiquated piece of grooming technology is either not going to survive the coming winter or deserves to be hung by the suspenders from a lamppost as an example."
  • "If the MSM answered to a singular, old school bald guy in suspenders who nervously smokes too much trying to appease his readers insteadof answering to a board of directors responsible for shareholder’s returns generated by gross amounts (i.e. corruption) of ad revenue, we might still have and accountable 4th branch of government."

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