Definition of "suppressor" [sup•press•or]

  • One that suppresses: a suppressor of free speech. (noun)
  • A gene that suppresses the phenotypic expression of another gene, especially of a mutant gene. (noun)
  • A device, such as a resistor or grid, that is used in an electrical or electronic system to reduce unwanted currents. (noun)

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Use "suppressor" in a sentence
  • "It sounds funny — after all, your Blackberry can recharge on the hotel bathroom floor — but a surge suppressor is convenient if you have the space for it in your luggage."
  • "The sound suppressor is so they can hear when the .50 cal machine gun is firing."
  • "Can't Post | Private Reply estimado senior geezer extraordinaire -- es un nombre, myu apropriado para ti ... joke aside, a surge suppressor is a lot cheaper, especially if you bring it with you from the States."