Definition of "superman" [su•per•man]

  • A man with more than human powers. (noun)
  • An ideal superior man who, according to Nietzsche, forgoes transient pleasure, exercises creative power, lives at a level of experience beyond standards of good and evil, and is the goal of human evolution. Also called overman. (noun)

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Use "superman" in a sentence
  • "Years before, the Inner Circle had chosen to reject the term superman in favor of Superior (always capitalized)."
  • "i think the only way to get people back interested in superman is to do either a live action movie based on "The Death of Superman" (or Doomsday whatever they call it) or the do a live action version of "Worlds Finest" with Christian Bale as Batman with the same gritty feel as Batman Begins and The Dark knight."
  • "He would fix that problem by having Khan Noonien Singh, a genetic superman from the TOS ep “Space Seed” who had been played by the marvelous Ricardo Montalban, reappear from the planet where Captain Kirk had exiled him 15 years earlier to seek revenge."