Definition of "superfluity" [su•per•flu•i•ty]

  • (noun) The quality or condition of being superfluous.
  • (noun) Something superfluous: could do without such superfluities as a second car.
  • (noun) Overabundance; excess.

Use "superfluity" in a sentence

  • "And so-called superfluity is agreeable and usefully disposed of."
  • "_Mercury_ is found in one, the _Sulphur_ in another, and the _Salt_ in a third; yet I tell you, this is only to be understood of their superfluity, which is found to abound most in each, and may be used and prepared divers ways particularly with profit, both for Physick and transmutation of Metals; but the Universal, which is the supreamest"
  • "When to that is added the mistake that my superfluity is the cause of your deficiency, it becomes intelligible why you and those who sympathise with you in your sufferings should call for division of property -- absolutely equal division."

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