Definition of "superannuation" [su•per•an•nu•a•tion]

  • (noun) A retirement benefit fund, an accumulation of regular deductions from one′s wage or salary while employed and similar regular contributions from the employer, usually administered by an independent entity; a pension.
  • (noun) The act or process of being superannuated.

Use "superannuation" in a sentence

  • "It punches above its weight because Australia in 1992 introduced what is known as the superannuation guarantee, a compulsory savings regime that quarantines 9% of an individual's earnings into an account that can't be accessed until retirement."
  • "With a US$1.4 trillion pool of compulsory pension money--called superannuation—and a mining boom drawing in money from overseas, the country's market already has enough volume for many electronic traders."
  • "Given the country's more than 1 trillion Australian dollar ($90.0 billion) pool of compulsory pension contribution funds, called superannuation, global money managers increasingly have targeted the country's investor base in the wake of the global financial crisis."

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