Definition of "sunflowers" [sunflowers]

  • (noun) Plural form of sunflower.

Use "sunflowers" in a sentence

  • "So they would have to have these creatures, which I call sunflowers, which I imagine living on the surface of Europa, would have to have either lenses or mirrors to concentrate sunlight, so they could keep themselves warm on the surface."
  • "Much as I dislike the odious double-chinned oik, Guido's photo captioned "New LibDem frontbench team", with the small girls surrounded by fake sunflowers, is genuinely amusing."
  • "When I attend a recent hunt, Labry explains that he plants 35 acres in sunflowers, and then, two weeks before the opener, runs a combine through them, leaving narrow rows for the 40 or more hunters on his guest list to hide in."