Definition of "sun-ray" []

  • A ray of the sun; a sunbeam. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "sun-ray" in a sentence
  • "Tantlatch drummed with his knuckles on a spear-heft across his knees, and gazed idly along the path of a sun-ray which pierced a lacing-hole and flung"
  • "Nor would he sniff at himself again, for, incredibly, his native odor had peeled away the perfume that masked it; had slowly burned through the potent excess of patchouli like a sun-ray blazing its way through a purple fog, and now, after less than an hour of suppression, the goat gas-that chloride compound of barnyard and bedroom-was boiling again, filling the grotto with a sleazy vapor, a steam to press a rooster's pants."
  • "Yet it was a mote in the sun-ray compared to the empire of the Spirit of the Void."