Definition of "sumo" [sumo]

  • (noun) A Japanese form of wrestling in which a fighter loses if forced from the ring or if any part of his body except the soles of his feet touches the ground.

Use "sumo" in a sentence

  • "In the book (which has sold over four million copies), economist Steven D. Levitt (aided by journalist Stephen J. Dubner) applies economic principles to distinctly non-economic topics like baby names, cheating in sumo wrestling, and the relationship between legalizing abortion and falling crime rates."
  • "The Q&A after the movie was more entertaining than the film itself, as the filmmakers, the owner of the Drafthouse, and a Fantastic Fest programmer all came out dressed only in sumo diapers and began running around the theater, chanting."
  • "If you thought the cheating in sumo was bad enough, now they are talking about murder charges."

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