Definition of "sugar-bowl" []

  • A small bowl in which sugar is kept (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "sugar-bowl" in a sentence
  • "Plus, I had hair that for some reason wouldn't stay down, despite the eternal sugar-bowl haircut I had growing up, and in those days I didn't like anything in my hair, so I would just brush it, and it would just stick in every direction."
  • "Unfortunately, I cut my waist-length hair to get one of her sugar-bowl haircuts and have kept it pretty short till now."
  • "There were also a pot of tea, sugar-bowl and a cream-pitcher waiting at the fire, presumably for the ease of her throat, later."
  • "Pere Grandet looked at his wife, at Eugenie, and at the sugar-bowl."
  • "But the memory of her cousin was in the gray old hall and on the chimney-piece, where stood a certain saucer and the old Sevres sugar-bowl which she used every morning at her breakfast."