Definition of "suboceanic" []

  • Formed, situated, or occurring beneath the ocean or the ocean bed. (adjective)

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Use "suboceanic" in a sentence
  • "Like idly looking up the cost of a hundred-mile run of suboceanic fibre-optic or a Rosicrucian mummy (one of the mummies in the San Jose Rosicrucian Museum came out of an old Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book)."
  • "The rest of it is underwater or buried in the crust of the Earth, perhaps (some have speculated) exploiting the suboceanic magma as a source of energy."
  • "(Aside, Charlie told me about a story he's working on where the French suboceanic nuclear tests were actually aimed at exterminating the cthuloid sea-monsters -- which is why the Brits didn't really protest)"