Definition of "submissively" [submissively]

  • (adverb) In a submissive manner.

Use "submissively" in a sentence

  • ""When I left Oxford," he said -- "as I told you before, I left what I conceived to be slavery -- that is, a submissively ordered routine of learning in which there occurred nothing new -- nothing hopeful -- nothing really serviceable."
  • "They already had been rummaging the Latvian capital for just the right restaurant for forty-five minutes—three hours if you include the time they spent discussing it while they tossed around the Frisbee in Bastejkalns Park, had beers at an Old Town cafĂ©, and otherwise submissively ingested the showcase that was Riga's female populace."
  • "Is he tense and fearful with eyes darting back and forth, or his gaze looking away while he's cringing submissively?"

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