Definition of "submerge" [sub•merge]

  • (verb-transitive) To place under water.
  • (verb-transitive) To cover with water; inundate.
  • (verb-transitive) To hide from view; obscure.
  • (verb-intransitive) To go under or as if under water.

Use "submerge" in a sentence

  • "Way back in 1966, when he first began assuming leadership of the organization he'd come to re-brand as the Family, he sent out a memo declaring that the time had come to "submerge" the group's public profile."
  • "Because place is such a major part of my writing and life, I thought it important that Bird Cloud breathe in and out of the landscape, a house subject not only to the wind, but to the drowning shadows that submerge it every evening and the sharp slice of sunlight at the eastern end of the cliff."
  • "Today we merge Washington's birthday with the birthdays of other presidents and submerge them all in clothing and appliance sales."

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